January 11, 2019

Aircraft need maintenance and support to work properly and do not harm the people inside, for that purpose, many types of equipment are used to keep them working perfectly, these equipment are called ground support equipment. These are specialized tools which specifically used for the military and the commercial aircraft. Moreover, these tools are used for regular maintenance and routine repairments of the aircraft because it becomes a dangerous travelling ride if not properly inspected before each flight. So it is important to ensure that the various systems of the aircraft are working perfectly and may not cause any problem during the flight. Many cases of crashes of aircraft happen around the world, some of them are undetectable and others are due to the negligence of the airport staff. So for that purpose, it is very important to keep an eye on every system which is installed in it, to avoid the risk of any damage afterwards. However, some of the ground support equipment also used load or unload the luggage from the plane and some of them are very important to keep them safely pranked on the apron.

However, these support equipment also needs maintenance because of their frequent use or may be improper use which diminishes the performance of these tools and can cause higher damages or may cause of higher cost. All the equipment used for support services are very costly and need proper handling to prevent damages as well as inspection over time can reduce the prospective damages. Go right here to find out more details.


As we know that aircraft is a riskier if not properly handled and may cause deaths, so we know the importance of the equipment which an aircraft requires to keep them in good condition such as like many other types of equipment, a most important non-powered equipment is tripod jack which is used to support the tail that can be heavier if loaded so to keep it stand, tripods are installed which allow the aircraft to transfer the weight on the shoulders of the tripod jack. These jacks are come in different sizes and capacity to bear weight. For the light-medium aircraft, a aircraft wing jacks is used with can bear the weight of 5 tons whereas for heavy duty jack which is used to change the wheel of the aircraft which can hold weight from 5 to 50 tons. However, some other jacks are also available used for different purposes such as for the helicopters specially designed jacks are used to support while maintenance.

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